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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 39

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 10/21/2018 - 09:00

Weight: No access to a scale, last measured on 8/26 was 236.8

Measurements: Doing every few weeks, see most recent numbers here 

October is going so well when it comes to getting healthy! We are really sticking to our workout goals we have set for ourselves. Every day we have to do 2 miles walking, 20 minutes of yoga, 100 push-ups, and I do a one minute plank. If we miss out on anything on a particular day, it rolls over to the next day until we catch up. We are still a bit behind on yoga...but some two a days for a while and we'll catch up easily. 

I can really feel the difference when I stick to this routine, or rather, when I don't. I gave myself a bit of a break when I went to England last week (knowing I would have to make it up) and between less activity and eating more than usual I felt really sluggish and tired. Rather than appreciating the break from exercise it really motivated me to get back to it and keep this routine going! 

I didn't get measurements taken today but I plan to next week. Even without the numbers confirming it, I can feel my body changing. The two pairs of capris I have are starting to fit so loosely that even with a belt they are starting to look ridiculous. I have two smaller pairs of pants with me that don't fit yet... so there will be a bit of an awkward in between time. Leggings to the rescue! Even my leggings feel different now - they are a lot easier to get on, and they come up way higher on my torso. TC2 leggings used to always come up over my belly button, but now all of my TC leggings do as well! They'll still fit for a very long time but they are definitely fitting differently. 

All of these changes are encouraging and I really wish I could see where I'm at on a scale, but despite asking around several places we have yet to find somewhere that we can weigh in. I'm hoping the next time I do I'll like the number on the scale, but until then I'll just keep chasing after these goals and non scale victories! 

XOXO, Bethany