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Product Review: Norwex Body Cloth

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 10/17/2018 - 10:00

Today I'm reviewing a new-to-me product I recently tried from a direct sales company called Norwex. Norwex is a cleaning and personal care company that operates globally and started in Norway in 1994. A friend of mine is a consultant for this company, and was running a challenge on an item of theirs called the "body cloth". I was intrigued so I asked her more about it!

Product Review - Norwex Body Cloth.png

What is the body cloth?

The body cloth is, well, a cloth, that claims to be able to replace your body wash/soap, face wash, makeup remover and shaving cream! The challenge was to choose one or more of those items, and replace them for a week with just the body cloth. 

Why did you get one?

Since we are traveling and trying to keep our possessions to a minimum, I was intrigued by something that claimed it could replace four items I carry with me. I asked Elesa if she was willing to ship overseas for the challenge, and she was! She has some expertise in that area since she lived abroad with her husband for many years. By the time we arrived in Wales my body cloth was already here, and it was a good thing too since we lost our luggage containing all of our toiletries. Now I had to replace all of those items with my new body cloth! 

Body cloth and note from Elesa.png

Does it really do what it claims? 

Short answer - yes! I have used it to replace body wash, face wash, and makeup remover the entire time we've been in Wales (over 3 weeks now!). I also used it when I shaved my underarms, but I'll admit I was too nervous to use it shave my legs. Luckily I don't have to do that often so I've been able to hold out until we get our luggage back. I was very, very impressed with how well the body cloth worked in such a variety of ways. 

What impressed me most was how it worked as makeup remover. Traveling with a bottle of makeup remover has been less than ideal - I actually threw away my bottle in Cyprus because it leaked on the way there. I was just going to live without it (I don't usually wear a lot of makeup anyway) but this body cloth has blown me away. The one item of makeup I do wear fairly often - Lipsense! If you aren't familiar with Lipsense it is a long lasting lipstick that seriously lasts all day and doesn't come off for anything. The remover sold by the same company doesn't even work to take off the lip color in my experience. 

Lipsense on.png

When I tried out the body cloth as makeup remover, and specifically Lipsense remover, I was so impressed! It works like a charm! Just wet it with warm water, wipe over your lips, and voila! This is hands down the easiest way I have found to remove the lip color, and if it works on that, I know it will work on the rest of my makeup (again, when I get it back). 

Lipsense removed.png

Will you keep using the body cloth?

I will! This will be the only makeup remover I use going forward. It is easy to travel with, so perfect for me right now. I will also use it for face wash on the days I don't take a shower. I like the warm cloth on my face, and it's a lot easier and less messy than trying to splash water from the sink to wash my face. I will go back to using my regular face wash again in the shower, I love the scent and the scrubbing texture so I can't bring myself to give that up. I will probably also continue to use it for body wash, so we don't have to buy soap as often. As for shaving... I think I'll stick to only my Intuition razor when I get it back. 

Do you recommend the body cloth?

Yes, yes, yes! I totally think it is an amazing product! Full disclosure: I received mine for free in exchange for participating in the challenge. However, I was not asked to do a review, I chose to do one so I could tell you all about this amazing product! 

If you have more questions about it or want to order one for yourself, you can get in touch with my friend and consultant, Elesa, through her blog. She also writes about life and living abroad so there is plenty to check out! 

XOXO, Bethany