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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 37

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 10/07/2018 - 09:00


Weight: Still no scale, last measured on 8/26 was 236.8

Bust: 47                    --> 46
Chest: 39.5              --> 39.25
Waist: 38                 --> 37
Hips: 51.5                --> 52.5
Thighs L: 31            --> 28.5
Thigh R: 31             --> 28.5
Calf: 16.5                 --> 16.75
Calf R: 17.5              --> 17.5
Upper Arm L: 17.5 --> 14.5
Upper Arm R: 17.5 --> 15
Forearm L: 10.5     --> 10
Forearm R: 10.5     --> 10.25

Disclaimer first - we are not experts at measurements. There might be variations between the two weeks in exactly how and where on the body we took each measurement. However, we still think this will provide a decent picture overall of my progress, especially when we can start to look at the bigger picture over several months time. So here are the changes from the first measurements taken on September 23rd, to the ones taken this morning, October 7th (2 weeks span). 

Inches lost: 13.5 
Inches gained: 1.25 
Total inches lost: 12.25

Well hot dang, if that is even close to accurate I am pretty excited! The gains came at one inch on my hips (this might be measuring error?) and a quarter inch on my left calf. The calf gain actually makes sense to me, as I use that muscle more it will grow, and honestly it's still 3/4 of an inch behind my left calf. It would be nice to have those even. 

Monday of this past week was also the first of the month, so we sat down and set some goals for ourselves. Our workout goals are now this for every single day: 20 minutes yoga, 2 miles walking, 100 push-ups, and for me, 1 one minute plank. (I do the plank because I do wall-ups instead of real push ups, so I need the extra ab work). We can skip a day, but then the goals accumulate. So if I don't do yoga one day, the next I have to do 40 minutes. If I don't do all of my walking, the miles get added to the next day and so on and so forth. 

We've actually kept up with this pretty well so far! I have stayed caught up on planks and push-ups every day. I didn't walk yesterday so I owe 4 miles today but I already did half a mile going to church and back this morning. We are a bit behind on yoga, but we'll catch up easily. Joel hasn't been feeling well so he is further behind on some things but I have faith he will catch up quickly when he feels better. I find I like having these daily goals - especially because it gives me something more concrete to cross off of my to do list than just the generic "workout". Sometimes I have my push-ups done before lunch just so I can feel accomplished! 

Eating is going well too, we are sticking to intermittent fasting and pretty healthy meals. Overall I'm excited about where I'm headed, although I still really wish I had a scale. I still plan to be 199 or less by New Year's Eve and I'd love to know what kind of progress I'm making towards that goal. Ah well, measurements will have to do for now!

XOXO, Bethany