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Traveling Fare: A Taste of Italy at Mister Lasagna

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 10:00

When we were making the move from our housesit in Germany to our housesit in Wales, we spent the entire day traveling. A missing luggage mishap meant we didn't eat lunch when we planned, so by the time we got around to eating on a bus layover in London, we were starving! We had a few choices within walking distance of the bus station, and after passing an overpriced pub, our eye was caught by the catchy name of this joint: Mr. Lasagna. Lasagna is one of Joel's favorite foods so we couldn't pass that up! 

Traveling Fare - A Taste of Italy at Mister Lasagna.png

We had all of our luggage with us (well except that one missing piece) so we appreciated that we could sit outside. This kept us from the hassle of pulling it all inside the narrow restaurant, and luckily it was quite pleasant weather. I sat outside guarding the luggage while Joel went in to get us something to eat. 

Bethany outside of Mister Lasagna.png

Even from my vantage point outside I could see the mouthwatering choices inside, and my hunger level kept rising. I knew I wanted the arancini sitting in the window so when Joel came back without one I made him go back for one after we ate our lasagna. It was so delicious I didn't even get a picture of it, but you really can't go wrong with cheesy risotto wrapped around more cheese and sauce then fried to perfection. The only thing that would have made it completely perfect would have been a sauce for dipping. (Which I'm sure I could have had if I asked for it). 

Arancini in the window.png

Joel took a few pictures inside but didn't quite capture the breadth of options available. Lasagna is a great dish to customize and specialize and they had at least 10 different flavors! 

Lasagna choices.png

For us Joel chose the classic lasagna, a ham and cheese with alfredo, and a truffled mushroom. Pardon the blurry picture, I was too hungry to double check and make sure I got a good one before we dug in. Now they say hunger is the best seasoning, but I think regardless of how hungry I was the food was good! My particular favorite was the truffled mushroom. I was also impressed at how hot the food was. Joel makes fun of me for liking my food "lava hot" and this was up to my standards. Often places with pre-prepared food can come in under my preferred temperature, but this was almost too hot to start, and stayed hot enough the whole time I was eating. 

Three types of lasagna on our plate.png

We also had a dessert lasagna, which Joel loved but I wasn't impressed with. It was chocolate pudding, some nutella like filling maybe, and oreos. For me it just had a bit of an off flavor, but Joel devoured it. When I went inside to use the bathroom I was impressed at how cute the inside was. It was a narrow, small space, but well appointed and very clean. 

Inside the restaurant.png

Overall we give this restaurant a thumbs up!

Thumbs up for Mister Lasagna.png

Apparently it has 4 locations around London, so if you find yourself at one of them, check it out! In the meantime, what's the best lasagna you've ever had? Do you like trying new kinds/flavors or prefer traditional? Let's dish!

XOXO, Bethany