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A Day in the Life: Germany

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 09/18/2018 - 10:00

It's hard to believe that today is our last full day in Germany! Tomorrow we leave for Wales and God willing and the creek don't rise we will make it there in one day with no crazy overnight journeys. (Fingers and toes are fully crossed). Which means it's time for a look at what a day in the life has been like here in the land of Joel's ancestors! 

A Day in the Life - Germany.png

7AM: Wake up, Take care of chickens
     Our time in Germany has been more regulated than our time in Cyprus because our day is punctuated by the schedule of taking care of the chickens. We have some pretty high maintenance birds on our hands, mostly because we've been caring for young ones as well as the old ones. This housesit would have been a lot different without the baby chickens! But they are super cute so I don't mind. 
     Every morning we get up around seven and almost immediately go outside to let the chickens out of the coop. We put some mash (a combo of table scraps, old bread, etc) in their bowls then let them start wandering around and eating. This is a good time for us to catch up on social media and chat about what our day will look like. After about 30-45 minutes we put the baby chickens back in the coop, while the big ones and the duck are allowed to wander about all day. 

Mash for the chickens.png

8AM-11AM: Work on the blog, Run Errands
     We've had a lot of fun activities to cram into our time here in Wendisch Rietz, so I quickly learned I was better off if I got my blog post for the day done in the morning. Then we would have time in the afternoon for fun stuff!  They have a nice big desk in the living room here where I've been able to spread out as I get some work done. The backless stools aren't super comfortable though so I'll often switch over to the couch or an easy chair while I write. 


     We are about a five minute walk from the center of town, so we have made almost daily trips to the grocery store. I've enjoyed buying only a few things at a time, and astonished at how low the prices are here! Our spending limit is €10 a day, and except for the days we ate out at restaurants we never even got close to hitting that! Once we had to walk to the grocery store in the rain, but otherwise our walks there and back have been exceedingly pleasant. 

Joel walking in the rain.png

11AM: Food Time!
     In Cyprus our intermittent fasting schedule had us eating between 6AM and 2PM, but here we switched it back to 11AM-7PM. It's worked well for our German schedule. This is the perfect time of morning to take a break with some fresh eggs from the chickens, and watch an episode of whatever show we are currently enjoying on Netflix. (We got through all of Lost in Space, it was pretty great!) I've also become pretty obsessed with a cereal we randomly bought, and we ended up going through 5 boxes of it in two weeks. If you know me you know I'm usually not a cereal eating person, but this stuff is just so good! Plus it's only €1.99 for a box! I'm starting to get worried about what I'll do in Wales without it... 

Nougat Bit Cereal.png

12PM: Chicken Time!
     Around noon we head outside again to let the baby chickens out of the coop for a bit. It's so fun to watch them run around like crazy. We always stay outside with them the whole time so we can make sure they don't wander too far, and that the big chickens don't beat them up. 

1PM-3PM: Fun Time
    It took us a few days after arriving in Germany, but we finally broke ourselves of our afternoon nap habit we developed in Cyprus (it was necessary there). If we do get tired in the afternoons now we do a guided meditation instead, and after 30 minutes of that (we might get a little snooze in) we usually find ourselves refreshed! This is then time we might head over to the lake for a bit, or check out one of the local attractions. I also finally figured out how to download library books on my Kindle and now I am obsessed and reading as much as I can. 

Reading on my Kindle.png

3PM: Chicken Time! 
   Again we head outside to let the baby chickens out to wander and feed them. The big ones and the duck will usually come back from wherever they've wandered off to to get more food. This is also when we get to do super fun other chores like cleaning poop out of the chicken coop (note sarcasm). 

3:30-5:00PM More Work Time & Blog Deadline
     This afternoon window gives me time to polish my blog post before publishing at 5PM. If I already have it done I'll work ahead on some posts and catch up on social media. Just this week I came up with a new project idea that is going to take a lot of time, so I'm going to start working that into my daily schedule as well! 

5:15PM Dinner Time! 
     With the intermittent fasting I usually only eat twice a day, with some occasional snacks. I think this is a big part of what helps me lose weight, only having two big meals instead of the usual three. We've had a lot of convenience foods here in Germany because they are so darn cheap - canned soup, frozen pizza, but we've also had a lot of fresh stuff. They have a fabulous tomato crop here so we've had a lot of fresh tomatoes! I've made tomato salad several times, which is basically just a rough bruschetta - chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. It's so tasty!

Tomato salad.png

6:00PM Final Chicken Time!
     When we are done eating it's time for our final check on the chickens. We let the little ones out for the last time and give everyone more mash and some chicken feed. After about half an hour we start the super fun task of catching the little ones! They have to be put in a special cage inside the coop since they don't get along with the big ones just yet. We've mostly figured out how to do it but some nights are tougher than others. Of course then there was that one time Joel managed to catch two at once! 

Joel with double chickens.png

7:00PM Yoga
     A brand new habit for us here in Germany is evening yoga! We started it when both of our backs were getting sore (travel + unfamiliar beds = sore back) but we love it so much we've done it every single day since we started. We plan for this to be an ongoing habit for, well, ever! Hopefully we'll keep it up when we move to Wales this week. We are using a free app called Down Dog a friend recommended and it is fantastic. I've used other yoga apps before but this one blows them out of the water. If you have any interest in yoga at all, beginner or expert, I recommend getting this app! 

Down Dog App.png

7:30PM-11:00PM Free time, then Bed Time
     I'm not entirely sure what we do during this time every night but the time sure passes quickly! It's a lot of social media, playing Gloomhaven online with Brian, and chatting/discussing ideas for the blog and our future. We haven't watched hardly any movies here and is in part because there is NO TV! But I miss watching and reviewing Netflix movies so I hope to get back to that soon. 

That's about the sum of a typical day here in Germany. Some days we do more exploring of the town, and on the weekends things are a bit different (I take Saturdays off from the blog) but for the most part this is it! Our two weeks here flew by and while I loved it, I am ready for the next housesit! It should be a bit easier with only two cats to take care of, and we'll really get to settle in to a place for ten weeks! 

XOXO, Bethany