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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 34

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 09/16/2018 - 09:00

Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: --
Weekly Change: --
Total Change: --
Goal Weight: 135
Pounds to lose until goal: --

Guys I miss my scale...wahhh! I want to weigh in so badly so I can know if I'm on track or not. I feel like I'm maintaining, not losing. Which isn't bad, but isn't great since I want to reach my goal of being 199 or less on NYE. I can't afford to let September just be a maintenance month! I'm crossing my fingers hard that our next house sit in Wales will have a scale. I know I shouldn't need one to stay on track with weight loss... but turns out I think I do!

I have had a lot of positives this week though. We rented a paddleboat on Monday, and Friday we went for a 13 mile ride on a tandem bike - both of which were excellent exercise. We have done yoga every single day this week - sometimes as much as an hour a day! (Not all at once). Last week I mentioned that I noticed that my flexibility had really decreased, but I'm excited to say that it's coming back quickly! I think daily yoga is really going to become a part of a sustainable routine for us. 

We move to Wales on Wednesday, traveling for most of the day. We'll have a few days with our hosts before they leave, so I think I will still wait till Sunday to weigh in. Might as well stay consistent right? I'm a little scared of what the scale will say, but I suppose if I'm that worried I have a week to get myself on track! Wish me luck!

XOXO, Bethany