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Celebrate Fall with The Big and The Small!

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 08/27/2018 - 10:00

We are fast approaching my favorite season of all, and I've come up with a fun way to celebrate and make sure we really experience the joy of the season!


Fall Challenge Checklist_0.png

Have you ever seen that meme on the internet that says something along the lines of "Name the five things you would put in a Pentagram to summon me"? It was making the rounds last year so I had some friends name the five things that could be used to summon me and here is what they came up with:

1. Diet Coke
2. The Bachelor/Bachelorette TV show
3. LuLaRoe Amelia dress
4. Dominion (a super awesome game!)
5. Halloween decorations 

It's funny how much can change in a year because I don't really like Diet Coke any more (my tastes were changing before we left the States, but I really don't like the European version), I stopped watching the Bachelor after Arie's season (no time with prepping to leave!), I still love Amelia but am branching out to other styles, and we had to leave all of our games at home so I never get to play Dominion anymore. 

But one thing that hasn't changed - I still LOVE Halloween. And alongside that, Fall is my absolute favorite season of all.  Really I love all holidays, and we are heading into the time of year that has my three favorites - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. [Not to mention my birthday in September which really should be a national holiday, haha]

One thing I am missing now that we are traveling is the ability to decorate for the holidays. I realize it's still August, but if we were at home I would have already broken out the fall scented candles and as many pumpkin decorations as Joel would let me get away with (spoiler alert: usually not many). I need some way to scratch my fall celebration itch, so Joel and I decided to come up with a Fall Challenge checklist.

We took all my favorite fall related activities, and some I have never done before but sounded fun, and put them on a list. Then we decided to divide them into "Big things" and "Small things" and, because Joel is a gamer at heart, we added points for each item! The goal is to do as much as possible on the checklist so we can have the most amazing fall ever. I'm not sure how many of these things are Midwest specific, and it will be interesting to see what is available in Germany and Wales, but I am oh so excited. 

And most of all, I want you guys to do the challenge with me! 

There will be points awarded for each item on the list, and with points, of course, comes bragging rights. Here are the honorary titles you can earn with the checklist (with a back-to-school theme):

0-5 Points: Fall Freshman
6-10 Points: S'more Sophomore 
11-15 Points: Leaf Jumping Junior
16-20 Points: Pumpkin Spice Senior

I'd love for you to share this graphic on Facebook and Instagram so we can get as many people to participate as possible! When you share it, or when you complete any activity on the list, post about it with the hashtag #TBaTSFallChallenge. I am racing for that "Pumpkin Spice Senior" spot so I can be at the top of the class!

Are you ready? Are you excited? I KNOW I AM! Happy Fall Y'all!

XOXO, Bethany

Your thoughts?

You're going to be as bad as the stores with their Christmas Aisles going up in July if you keep up at this pace. At least wait until Sept 1. It's still summer! :) ... I sympathize with Joel, as I also married a fall fan, he bought a pumpkin candle yesterday. 

How come pumpkin patch only gets 1 point but apple picking gets 2? What if your patch is a farm? Then, does pick your own pumpkin from a farm count as 2? 

Haha if I could celebrate Fall in July I totally would, but the heat makes it hard. I'm so excited for Germany next week where it's currently 10 degrees cooler than here! I wish I could smell Shawn's pumpkin candle, lol.  I might have to treat myself to one in Wales since we'll be there long enough to burn through one. 

I think we did the points that way because you have to actually pick apples, whereas you just have to visit the pumpkins. Spoiler alert: We are going to make one that is Halloween specific as well (saw that one coming didn't ya) and that will include the actual picking of a pumpkin and making a Jack O'Lantern! Whee! No bonus points for picking your own pumpkin before then, lol.