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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 27

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 07/29/2018 - 04:40

Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: 246.6
Weekly Change: -5.2
Total Change: -19.4
Goal Weight: 135
Pounds to lose until goal: 111.6

For the first time since I started writing these posts I was excited to weigh in this week, because I knew I had lost weight!  I had a feeling the scale was going to show at least five pounds gone, and it clocked in at 5.2  This puts me just shy of losing 20 pounds since I started keeping track.  

Per usual, I started the new year of 2018 with some lofty goals - of which number one on the list is always lose weight; has been for basically as long as I can remember.  But for the first time in a long time, I feel like it's actually feasible.  I lost five pounds this week (technically two weeks since my last official weigh in in Texas), but I almost feel like I did it without even trying.  Our new lifestyle in Cyprus is just conducive to reaching a healthier weight, a lifestyle I was never quite able to achieve, let alone maintain, in the US. 

We are still doing the intermittent fasting, though we have drastically shifted our hours.  The hot weather in Cyprus means we want to be awake  and active when it's cool (late evening and early morning) and sleep when it's hottest (midday and late afternoon).  So we have shifted our eating from 11A-7P to 6A-2P.  It sounded crazy to me when Joel first suggested it, but it has worked surprisingly well.  I find myself a bit hungry in the evenings, but for the most part the heat keeps me from being too hungry.  It's too hot to do much of anything, let alone cook food!

We are also naturally more active here.  Part of it is that this house sit is also a pet sit, we have an adorable dog named Lottie to take care of.  This means we are out walking the dog around 6:30 every morning for about an hour, and again for at least half an hour in the evening.  Plus we have to walk to the grocery store (straight uphill to get there!) and to anything else we might need.  There is also a pool we are taking advantage of several times a day both to beat the heat and to get in some exercise.  All this adds up to a ton more activity than I did in my previous lifestyle. 

So despite eating multiple treats from the bakery in the past week since our arrival (baklava, chocolate croissant, carrot cake and more!) the weight is just falling off.  I'm not saying it won't still take concerted effort to get to my goal weight, but I do think it will be a lot easier!  My first official goal is coming up quickly however, to win my Healthy Wage bet I need to be at 215 by August 27th.  That leaves me 31.6 pounds to go from where I am today. It is tough, but completely doable.  We are going to stick to the intermittent fasting, cut out the bakery treats for now, and keep up the activity level, if not ramp up the walking even more.  

I really think I can hit that goal by the deadline, and do it in healthy way.  After that, I'll adjust my goals again and see where we are at going forward.  I am already excited for next week's weigh in so I can see more positive change on the scale!  

XOXO, Bethany