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The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Submitted by Joel on Thu, 07/19/2018 - 10:47

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It's a cliche, sure. But there are those big times in your life when it feels more resonate than other days. Today is one of those days for me. As we sit in the Hyatt hotel lounge waiting for our flight to allow baggage to be checked (three hours before our flight is still 2 hours and 20 minutes away), it seems like we have so much STUFF still. We have so many bags around us and so much to lug around, but then I realize... this is all we have to live on for a LONG TIME! 

The Junk Lady from Labyrinth. This is how we're feeling right now!

As I've talked about before, the concept of this blog is to appreciate both the big and the small. All are important, but today is all about those big changes. We've arrived early because we left from Austin expecting lots of traffic in Dallas. But we seem to have left early enough to miss it all.

Our first stop in Dallas: selling our car. We used an awesome feature of Kelley Blue Book: Instant Cash Offer! You fill out some info and dealerships send you messages for appointments. We set up a couple, just in case and gave ourselves some extra time to get to the airport.

Our plan:
5:30am - Leave Austin.
10:15am - Meet with first dealership.
11:00am - Meet with secondary dealership.
Noon - finish selling the Rogue and get a ride to the airport.
12:30pm - arrive at the airport and check in.
1:30pm - finish repacking for overweight luggage.
2:30pm - get through security.
2:31 - EAT!
Then we just wait for our 4:10pm flight and we're golden! 

Our experience so far:
5:30am - Leave Austin.
9am - Arrive at Grubbs Infiniti dealership and meet with Robert Olsen. 
10am - Arrive at DFW Airport...
Umm... NOW WHAT?! I guess it's time for a blog post.

Grubbs was pretty cool. We underestimated some of the dings and scratches on the Rogue, but they still gave us a bit more than the KBB offer. We told them about our adventure, so I think they wanted to make sure we had some extra time galavanting around Europe. We really liked them, so if you go, tell them Joel and Bethany sent you! (Maybe they'll give us a kickback :D )

Bethany waves goodbye to the Rogue.

So here we are on the precipice of the biggest leap of faith of our lives! Today we fly to Iceland, then tomorrow we're off to Paris. The next day we arrive in Vienna. Then we fly to our first housesit in Cyprus. What an experience just GETTING there! We'll blog all about it, don't you worry!

Now I'm going to work on a Patreon account. Several people have requested postcards, so we're going to see what we can do. We're thinking we could do a simple and deluxe postcard option, then a simple, deluxe, and custom souvenir option, then some fun "take us to a movie!" options! If you're interested, we're submitting for review today, so it will hopefully be live soon. Once accepted, we'll add our link (we're The Big and The Small if you want to search). 

Thanks for reading and supporting us! We couldn't do this crazy experience without you!


Your thoughts?

Vienna?!? I loooooooved Vienna when I was there for work a few years ago. I hope you have some time to explore the city because it's amazing! 

Sadly, we did not have time to explore. We had time to shower, but not much else. Getting there was quite an adventure that included delayed trains, missed connections, and bloody feet. Still, it was a beautiful city for what we saw of it! Some day we'll be back to explore!