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Healthy in 2018: Week 13 - Diet vs Mall Food

Submitted by Joel on Tue, 05/22/2018 - 09:57

Bethany - 255 (6lbs), Joel - 253 (18lbs).

As you probably know, we're selling everything and moving away. Part of that process is to sell a portion of our business, LuLaRoe. So we got a spot in Apache Mall in Rochester and sold stuff all week. The sale went pretty well (although we have a TON more to sell), but it wreaked havoc on my diet. 

As I wrote last week, I'm trying out intermittent fasting. We're doing 16/8, which means no calories for 16hrs, then eat during the remaining 8hrs. The first week of it, I wanted to really test it by eating what I hadn't been - lotsa sugar and carbs. This week was way, way worse. Being stuck at the mall with only a few choices and none of them healthy, I ate so much crap. A pretzel place was right next door. I got free refills of pop all day. The Cold Stone Creamery was right down the hall. It was delicious hell!

I'm guessing that I ingested about 4000 calories every day, but I held strong to the 8hr window. I had so many pretzel bites... so so many. I did my best to add veggies when I could. I never had just meat pizza, for instance. I always went for those with lotsa veggies, too. And I forgot how much I love A&W Root Beer. That sugary goodness... /sigh.

And I didn't gain a pound! Yeah, that's right! I didn't lose like I needed to, but this week is gonna be exercise and calorie restrictions. After I write this, we're on our way to Aldi to get fresh fruit and veggies. It will be back to low carb AND the 16/8 fasting. I'm hoping for the largest single week of weight loss yet! Wish me luck!