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Healthy in 2018: Week 11 & 12 - Lots of Crazy, A New Diet, But No Time for Exercise

Submitted by Joel on Mon, 05/14/2018 - 15:01

Bethany - 252 (9 lbs), Joel - 253 (18lbs).

I'm so sorry for missing last week's post. Apparently, we're important enough for hackers to hack us! We're basically as big as Target! Luckily, we don't save any credit card information (and we encrypt all of our login stuff, so you're safe there, too!). But I could either spend thousands and thousands of dollars paying someone to clean it up or just spend hours and hours doing it myself. We just announced selling off our clothing business (and most everything else) and galavanting around Europe, so funds are a bit tight. So all my time has been on getting the house ready to sell, getting our life together, and trying to keep the hackers at bay. Really, though... if they want in, they'll get in. I don't know how we got on their radar, but I'm very, very sorry for whatever we did to wrong you. 

So, back to our health situation: intermittent fasting! So, as you know, I have some experience with fasting. This is a bit different. We're doing what's referred to as 8/16 fasting. We have an 8-hour window to eat, then we can only have water the other 16hrs of the day. During that 8 hour window, we can have just about whatever we want, but the better we eat, the more weight we lose. So far, I've only had about everything I could shove in my mouth. Ya know... as a control for my experiment! And in two weeks I gained a pound. So I guess lots of buffets and cookies and fast food isn't going to work. Still... only one pound isn't too bad. Now I'll try toning it down and combined with exercise, I'll be back on track!

My first major goal is 60lbs lost and I'm nearing the 20lb mark. Getting there! This week I'll be getting a lot of exercise since my foot is feeling better. What was wrong? Who knows?! But it's getting better now and that's all that matters. So wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes next week!