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Some of Bethany's favorite things

Submitted by Joel on Tue, 05/01/2018 - 11:48

I wanted to make this blog post in order to create an archive of things that make Bethany crazy happy. 

The first is one of the Princess Rap Battles on YouTube. It's Elsa vs Snow White (and explicit), and it always makes her smile.

The next is a travel jacket that she's getting (eventually). It's from a Kickstarter, so hopefully she'll get it... eventually.

Travel Jacket.png

The most recent one is a song celebrating sticks. It's ridiculous, but also kinda hilarious.


So I'll keep adding to this list as time goes on and we find more and more stuff that puts a silly smile on Bethany's face. Eventually, this will be a long blog post!


Bethany's Favorite Things Post Archive:

1. NPR (I listen to my favorite ones on podcasts now - see #8)

2. Hot Sauce (I can't get my favorite one abroad but I'm still obsessed with hot sauce!)

3. Lipsense (My collection has quadrupled since this post)

4. Mugs (I miss my mugs and can't wait to start collecting fun ones again when we live in the UK!)

5. Color Street (I carry Color Street all around the world with me - I don't sell it anymore but I do love it!)

6. Travel Jacket (This will be a constant with me till the day it wears out - hopefully a long time from now)

7. Duolingo (This actually isn't my favorite anymore...the app changed and I don't like it!)

8. Podcasts (I've added a few more favorites since this list - podcasts are the best!)