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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 14

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 04/29/2018 - 13:50

Starting Weight: 266
Current Weight: 254.6
Weekly Change: 0
Total Change: -11.4
Goal Weight: 135
Pounds to lose until goal: 119.6

I've decided to start including this tally at the beginning of each post about my weight loss journey.  I think it will help both myself and you, dear reader, to keep track of exactly where I am numerically.  And while the numbers are certainly not the most important part of this journey, they are a way of tracking how I am doing and how I am progressing towards my goal. 

So the answer this week about my progress?  Not much.  I did start working out, every so slightly.  Joel and I did twenty minutes of pushups/situps/etc inside the house on Saturday.  Because it is still too cold to do much outside.  Even though it's almost the end of April.  I know before I know it I'll be complaining about how it's too hot to do anything outside, but darn it if I'm not longing for some 65-70 degree days!  When the weather jumps from 40 degrees to 80 degrees it's just the worst. 

I did do more thinking about my end goal this week.  It might seem silly to move the goalposts further away when I really haven't made much progress towards the first ones, but I feel more settled knowing what I want my final goal to be.  And I've decided it is this: 135.  That is a weight I have not seen since high school.  At my lowest/thinnest in college I was around 150.  Maybe as I keep moving along I'll realize this goal is unrealistic.  But really, it shouldn't be.  135 is squarely in the healthy range of BMI for someone of my height and age.  

So there we are.  New goals.  A long ways to go.  A shift in mindset this week.  And I keep chugging along. 

XOXO, Bethany