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Healthy in 2018: Week 8 - Not feeling very healthy

Submitted by Joel on Sun, 04/15/2018 - 16:16

Bethany - 254, Joel - 256. Bethany struggled with back pain and I had some strange problem with my foot. Gout? Maybe... but I took the medicine for gout and it didn't make a dent. So... infection? Ugh. My doctor was no real help, either. Hopefully, my foot doesn't fall off. Then Bethany would have to suffer through my terrible "I'm all left feet" jokes the rest of our lives.

So, no exercise, just our good diet. Bethany spent three days on a specific diet she calls 'the military diet'. It's very specific foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not like, "Protein for breakfast, etc." but, "Half a grapefruit, a piece of dry wheat toast, and five green grapes." But it worked for her! No exercise, really, due to her back issues, otherwise it would have been even better!

After my week of no food, I actually expected to go up in weight with no exercise, but I stayed steady! But I'm way behind and coming to grips with missing our first target. It was a lofty goal and we're not giving up. We still have to do the six months weight loss that we bet we'd lose. We're doing pretty well for that, at least. Still got a long ways to go, but if spring would ever arrive, we could get outside and get physical. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm SICK OF SNOW!