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The Swiss Army Knife of Travel Jackets

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 04/10/2018 - 17:42

So you know how Facebook ads can be annoying sometimes?  They pop up at inopportune moments, or right in the middle of that cooking video you're watching?  Yeah, annoying.  But sometimes, sometimes Facebook takes everything it knows about you and drops the perfect ad in your lap.  An ad for something you actually, legit want.  No, NEED.  That's what Facebook did to me last night when it showed me the ad for the kickstarter campaign for the "swiss army knife" of travel jackets. 

You guys, this thing is amazing.  It has so many things that help make travel more comfortable, built right into the jacket!  Need to take a nap on the plane or sleep well on an overnight flight?  No worries, just blow up the inflatable neck pillow in your hood, pull out your blanket, blow up your footrest to prop up your feet, pop in your earplugs so no one bugs you, and pull your built-in eye mask down over your face.  You are all set for the best nap ever! Need to get some work done?  No worries, just pull your tablet out of your pocket, whip your pen/stylus out of your zipper, plug your headphones in (they won't get lost as they are threaded through your jacket) and get to work!  Oh and since all that work is taking up your whole tray table - your can of soda can just go in your coozie pocket!  What the what?  

Once I saw all these features (and more!) I immediately texted Joel, OMG ME WANT.  Then when he didn't respond fast enough I went downstairs to talk his ear off about it.  He could see how excited I was so he told me to back the project.  I pledged $139 which will get me a sweatshirt or windbreaker (still deciding between the two) and I won't get charged until the campaign closes on the 15th.  So if you want a piece of this action it's not too late!  

Click here to check out the jacket and sign up to get one for yourself. 

Seriously, I have been non-stop thinking about this thing since I discovered it last night.  I am actually making a list of everything I want to carry in my jacket.  They won't ship until mid-August and the wait time might kill me, but until then I'll just be over here day dreaming about the best jacket in the world, and planning all my travel to cool enough places that I can wear it all the time! 

XOXO, Bethany