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Healthy in 2018: Week 7 - More gains!

Submitted by Joel on Sun, 04/08/2018 - 18:25

Or should I say, LOSSES?

Bethany - 257, Joel - 256. Total weight lost: Nearly 20 lbs! I don't think we're going to hit our goal, but we're gonna get as close as we can!

It was a great week for me! Sadly, Bethany had some major back issues, so she's has stayed steady. But no gain, so that's good! If I can keep losing six lbs a week, I'll hit my 50lb goal! Sadly, my method this week was a little controversial (more on that, soon!) But I'm going to keep doing some major work every week and HIT THAT GOAL!

So what did I do this week that was so controversial? I'll be writing up a separate blog post all about that, but it was pretty extreme! I wasn't able to make progress on my FBI fitness exam because of it, so this week, it will be all about fitness. I'll be trying out some interesting workout styles and reporting on them. If any are as extreme as my diet, I'll have a separate post about that as well. 

So... I did a type of CLEANSE! And I will do a write up about it, so stay tuned. It wasn't about weight loss, but total fitness. Luckily, a side effect of the cleanse is weight loss. I should have the write-up done tomorrow... so stay tuned!