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Enjoying Life - The Big or The Small?

Submitted by Joel on Fri, 03/09/2018 - 15:35

It occurred to me while going for a walk the other day another aspect of The Big and The Small that I hadn't considered before. People can be content in life and be very happy. Bethany and I, for instance, were content. We have a house we enjoy, a life we love, and a partner that we can spend forever with. If none of this ever changes, we'd be content with life.

It's a form of happiness that is great! It's about THE SMALL things in life. And once in a while, we could go to Paris or London or Disney World and have a couple weeks every so often of THE BIG. 

But there's another form of happiness that's just as legitimate. It's going for THE BIG. That is all about GOING FOR IT! Ambition over contentment. It could be business or politics or whatever. Always pushing for more. This is fine, too. 

There is a saying, "Go big or go home." This is more like, "Go big or STAY home." The first is a little derogatory, right? Like, make the right choice to go big, or be a loser and leave here and go home! But what I'm talking about is a legitimate choice. Go big, which is fine... or stay home, which is also fine. 

Living life for the small things in life is a wonderful life. It's important to be content, I think. But it can also be a wonderful life to live for the big things. Books are written for both. Chicken Soup For The Soul is all about finding happiness in the small things in life and being content. Most presidential biographies are all about striving for more. And both are ways to be happy. 

For me, it was all about someone that makes me content if I wanted to stay home, or that drives me to be ambitious if I want to go big. That's a true partner in life. Bethany and I are content, but maybe we're going to try and go big later on... Either way, we'll be happy together. 

I think life is all about both... the big AND the small. We need both to be happy. Some people need more big, others need more small. No matter what, we should appreciate both and strive for the balance that makes us happy. And hopefully, find that special person (or people) that adds more of what we need to put a smile on our faces.

Which do you prefer? Striving for THE BIG or contentment with THE SMALL? I think Bethany and I have been pretty darn happy with our small things in life. But now, I think we're gonna go big for a while!