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Healthy in 2018: We bet we'll lose weight!

Submitted by Joel on Tue, 02/27/2018 - 17:43

Bethany and I each bet $20/month for six months that we'll lose weight! We found the site Healthy Wage which allows you to wager on your weight loss. Bethany will lose 50lbs and win nearly $500! I will lose 60lbs and win around $300. Apparently, it will be easier for me to lose weight, since I get less money. Here we are after our first weigh in! 


We've got a long way to go to be healthy again, as you can see. But we're hoping this will be a great motivation for us! If we fail, we're out the money, but when we succeed, we'll have some extra money for some pizza asparagus! Yum!

So how does Healthy Wage work? We just signed up, but so far, you have to enter in your details, height, weight, etc. Then, you mark your goals. You have to bet a minimum of $100 total for 6-18 months. So, that's what we did! Six months and $120 each. It's cheaper than a gym membership! Although, to reach our goals, we'll probably need the gym, too.

This is not a sponsored post, either. We just know we'll lose weight, so why not make some money while we do it? Do you think something like this would work for you? Sign up under our link and we each get an extra $40 when we win! HERE'S THE LINK! Sign up, lose weight, and cash in!