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Losing the Weight, Finding Myself: Week 5

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 16:59

The scale moved in the right direction again this week!  I lost 2.2 pounds bringing me to 258.6.  It's definitely not as much movement on the scale as I would like to see.  If I could consistently lose the amount I lost last week, I'd be done with this whole thing in no time!  However I know it does not work like that.  Some weeks I'll lose a lot, some weeks not so much, other weeks I'll plateau, and sometimes I might even gain a pound or two - especially when I start really working out or doing weight training.  Slow and steady wins this game, that is what I need to remind myself.  It's the keeping steady that is important. 

I struggled with being sick again this last week - in a different way though.  The previous week was stomach pains and issues, this week was all about flu symptoms aka cough, drainage, sore throat, aches, etc.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday for what was supposed to be a physical, and instead got tested for the flu, which was negative, thank goodness.  They gave me some meds anyway and rescheduled my physical for March 6th.  I noticed on the discharge papers they gave me that they listed one of my health issues as "morbidly obese".  Ooof.  It's tough to see those words in writing.  I've known that's what my category is for a while, but seeing it in black and white just made it seem a little more real.  

It's strange because I don't usually feel like I'm that overweight.  I still get around pretty easily (just don't ask me to run), my blood pressure has always been perfect, when I dress in the right clothes (thanks LuLaRoe) I feel like I look pretty darn good.  But there is no getting around it, I am currently morbidly obese.  Yikes.  I'm kinda glad my physical got rescheduled because I'm hoping even the doctor's office scale will show some change by March, and then I can truthfully share with my doctor that I am working on losing weight.  I've definitely told every doctor I've had for the last decade that I'm working on it, but that has been varying degrees of true over the years. 

Aside from the scale I feel like my clothes are fitting looser already, which seems a bit early as I haven't really lost a dramatic amount of weight yet.  Not even enough for anyone outside myself or my husband to notice.  But my 3X Amelia dresses are definitely fitting looser, and I'm both looking forward to and dreading the day they no longer fit.  On the one hand I'll be a bit sad, as I have a collection of about 20 dresses that I super duper love and feel beautiful and confident in.  These dresses were really life changing for me.  On the other hand, it will be exciting to not need/be that size anymore, and I'll have the fun of building a new collection of beautiful dresses for a new size!  

I'm still getting over the worst of whatever this sickness is, with a fairly persistent cough and low energy.  I feel like I barely did anything work-wise last week let alone exercise-wise.  Being sick is actually making me look forward to feeling healthy again and having the energy to do some work outs!  I'm also looking forward to spring more than I usually do so I can be outside more.  We are hoping to ski this week which is a decent amount of exercise (we had plans to go last Thursday but I was way too sick).  

Well those are my rambling thoughts for this week.  I just gotta keep reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race, and to keep up my small meals/less food intake while adding in other good habits! 

XOXO, Bethany