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Healthy in 2018: Week 1 - a failure

Submitted by Joel on Sun, 02/25/2018 - 07:37

So this is going to be harder than we thought...

Our current weights: Bethany - 259 and Joel - 271. That's right... the needle didn't move for me. My clothes are looser, but no weight lost. I've heard that it's more about the size of your waist than the loss of weight, but at 271lbs, the weight should come off pretty easily. 

Bethany was sick most of this week, so her appetite was low, but so was her level of exercise. I felt like I was eating much less and exercising more, but with no loss, this is a major blow. It's time to get even more serious about this! Now we control each other's food intake, although we can have as many fruits and veggies without permission. No butter on the toast and one less packet of oatmeal... let's see if this round can be more successful. 

We also haven't moved closer to our exercise goals. I did work on push-ups, sit-ups, and did stairs for a while. My legs were sore from stairs, but my arms and abs weren't sore, so I probably didn't push myself enough there. Bethany has been sick, so probably no gains at all there.

We've got a rough road ahead of us...

Your thoughts?

Please don’t consider this a failure...that is Diet thinking...which ultimately will leave you feeling discouraged and you will give up. Instead, focus on changing your thinking and your relationship with food. This is a journey and a lifestyle change. Slow and steady will win the race. And, remember, the scale is not the only measure of success. Focus on non-scale victories...clothes feeling looser, remembering you only ate 3 slices of pizza, instead of 6, getting in plenty of water, you worked out, What is changing that will not only help you attain weight loss, but will help you maintain. Your healthy eating and lifestyle has to be sustainable, or it won’t last!