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One of My Favorite Things: Fun Mugs

Submitted by Bethany on Sat, 02/24/2018 - 18:27

Like many people in this world,  I love a good mug. 

Unlike many people, I don't actually drink coffee out of my mugs.  I love the smell of coffee - my dad had a 3 cup a day habit so coffee brewing stirs up memories of home, love, and comfort.  But the taste?  Ick.  I can only drink it with tons of cream and sugar so I usually just pass.  I don't even own a coffee maker, not even a Keurig.  

But I do love a good fake cappucino, or "faux-cino" as my friend Sarah always says.  Seriously, I would take a 99 cent gas station cappucino over one from Starbucks any day.  These days my favorite thing is the french vanilla capuccino from Aldi, I lovingly refer to it as "hot drink".  Our water cooler has a tap that pours boiling hot water so I can have a piping hot drink anytime I want, it's amazing! 

Anyway, enough about what I drink in my mug, I'm supposed to be sharing about my mug!  Here is my new favorite one: 

Theology Degree Mug

I've seen this one float about my Facebook feed in years past as various friends from seminary posted pictures of it as a joke.  Recently however my mom saw it, thought it was perfect for me, looked it up on Amazon, and bought  me one!  You can find the one I have here, or a travel mug version here.  I'm pretty sure if you google around you can find it for other degrees as well.  

It's a bit arrogant perhaps, but it sure makes me laugh!  

So what does your favorite mug look like?  

XOXO, Bethany