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Valentine's Day is All About Appreciating Your Favorite Relationship

Submitted by Joel on Tue, 02/13/2018 - 23:31

For some people, Valentine's Day is about gifts for your significant other. Some find it just too commercial but go through the paces anyway. For a few others, it's a reminder how alone they are in the world and would rather everyone just shut up about the whole thing. Well, I've never been the type to shut up about something I like (or stuff I don't like, for that matter), so I want to tell you all that I love Valentine's Day.

For me, it is a day to appreciate the relationship, not just the person. There are several great days to celebrate love through the year. There's your significant other's birthday, which should be about that person. There's your anniversary, which is about the time you've been together. There's New Year's Eve, which, to me, is a wish for who you want to spend the most quality time with throughout the year. But, to me, Valentine's Day is special. It's all about the appreciation of the relationship with your significant other. 

This year, Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday. For the husband of a pastor, that means less time for romance and more time for work. But this is actually a good thing for MY Valentine's Day because, for me, it's about highlighting how much we love being together, no matter where or what we're doing. We already spend just about every day together, since we both work from home. When she is doing her work as a pastor, though, we're usually separated. But on Valentine's Day, I'll be at the Ash Wednesday service with her. 

Now, I understand that we have a unique relationship. Most people spend a majority of their waking hours apart. But anyone can make Valentine's Day an appreciation of your favorite relationship! Do some soul-searching and figure out what your favorite relationship is, and just spend the day celebrating it! Even if it's with yourself! Just highlight what makes that relationship so darn special. For us, it's just being together... we'll work together, eat together, and go to see 50 Shades of awful movie together. And we'll love it, cuz that's what we're all about.