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7 Ways to Support Your Local Blogger

Submitted by Joel on Sun, 02/04/2018 - 16:09

The internet has something for everyone. It could be cat pictures, videos, or a blog like this one. Most of them have a way to directly support them with money, like a Patreon account or selling merchandise, but when a site like ours is just starting out, here are 7 ways you can support a site without paying a dime or wasting time (nice rhyme!) 

Give Their Social Media a 'Like'
The fastest and easiest way to show support is just to make sure you 'Like' the account. Currently, we only have a Facebook page and an Instagram page, but if you want to support a blogger or content creator, make sure you follow them on all of their social media platforms. This is incredibly important in the beginning for them, as they have to show that their content is viewed in order for it to be found in searches. It's a one-time deal, but it really helps a lot.

Give Their Posts a 'Like'
Reading is important, but it takes a little more time (that's why it's lower on the list). If you want to give some quick support without taking too much time, just give a quick 'Like' or 'Favorite' to the content. When you see a post or other shared content, just click the 'Like'. If it looks interesting to you...

Share, Share, Share
Sharing doesn't take much time and it helps SO MUCH! The easiest is just to share what they post. If you really want to go the extra mile, talk about what the blog or the page (or the people behind it) mean to you. Why do you like the content? How do you know the blogger? Of course, I prefer to only share content after I read it, so...

Read the Posts
This definitely takes more time, but the algorithms of the sites learn what you like to read. Putting time into the site will increase search engine placement or recommendation chances. Getting a page or blog off the ground is all about being seen. The more you spend time with the content, the more the search engines and platforms will share the content. A quick share helps so much, but giving a quick Like, Share, and then reading it only leaves one more thing to do!

Comment and Add to the Content
Commenting is the most time-consuming, but also has the most impact, especially if you post something that adds to the conversation. Even a 'Thanks!' or 'Great post!' is helpful, but adding a bit about how the content personally impacts your life, is the best. Tell a quick story of a memory the post triggered. You can even disagree and give reasons why, as long as it's constructive. 

Constructive Criticism
Personally, I thrive on criticism. I always want to know what could be done better. You can drop the creator a personal message with a suggestion and some positive reinforcement. Maybe you have an idea for the creator to try. Maybe there is a direction you'd like to see the site go in. The creator might not agree, but it's always nice to have the idea swimming around. 

Support the Sponsors
Yeah, this can be tough, but if you see an ad for something that interests you, click on it! You don't have to buy it, just click on the link and the creator usually gets a kickback. You can support all sponsors this way, but my suggestion is to only click on the ones that most interest you. You never know, maybe it will be for something that actually improves your life! Even if you don't pull the trigger, active links show that the readers are interested, so places will pay to advertise on the page. 

So there you have it! Seven ways to support your local content creator. Do you have any more ideas? Let us know about them!