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Broken Bottle

Submitted by Bethany on Sat, 05/13/2017 - 21:52

So today we went to the dollar store for some balloons and such, and we found selfie sticks!  For a dollar!  It was awesome.  

Then during dinner, I decided to open a nice cold bottle of root beer for us to share.  Not realizing that it was a twist off, I was using my bottle opener.  Poorly.  I ended up jerking it too hard, and smashed the bottle against my dinner plate, sending root beer everywhere. 

Here's where those two stories relate:

Broken bottle selfie


The picture is a bit blurry because I haven't perfected my selfie stick skills yet, but I will get there.  Also, Joel is the sweetest for cleaning up the floor for me. 

XOXO, Bethany