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Trade Tripping!

Submitted by Bethany on Sat, 04/29/2017 - 21:22

Today was all about the trades.  We needed to refresh out inventory so we made some dates with consultants in Ames, and went on a road trip!  We got to trade away inventory we've had forever, some since we started last September, and came home with over 100 new items.   It will be a lot to sort and photograph, but it feels good to get some fresh stuff in the mix. 

After a looong day - driving, trading, keeping track of everything, I decided to pamper myself for a bit before bed.  My friend Mara has started selling Perfectly Posh, and I bought a face mask a while back.  Then I learned the one I had was moisturizing, which should be used after a cleansing one.  So she sent me some cleansing samples to try!

Posh samples


I tried "Envy This" tonight.  I loved it!  It was minty and tingly, and my face felt really fresh afterwards.  There was a bit of redness, but Mara said that was normal, and after I used the moisturizing mask it went away. 

I took selfies with the masks on...but I'll spare you those pictures :)

XOXO, Bethany