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Oliver's 2nd Birthday!

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 02/19/2017 - 21:39

Today our godson Oliver turned 2!  We took a quick day trip up to Minnesota to celebrate with pizza, cake, and presents!  He is learning so much lately, every time we see him (once every other month or so) he knows so many new words.  My favorite thing is that the kids have taught him to call me Aunt Bunny.  It started as a joke with Grant, but I love the nickname and wanted it to stick - and it has!  Here are some pictures from the day. 

Elly with Oliver and his birthday cake!
Elly and Oliver with his birthday cake!

Oliver at his new desk
We got Oliver a little desk for his birthday! 

Bethany and Oliver selfie
I couldn't resist a selfie with the birthday boy, though he seems very unsure of it all. 


XOXO,  Bethany