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Wear A Dress Tuesday #2

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 21:06

One of my favorite things about resurrecting Wear a Dress Tuesday has been getting creative with my LuLaRoe outfits.  I've been doing WADT consistently since September, and after I worked through my rotation of actual dresses, I wanted to show how the same idea/sentiment can be done with skirts as well!

Today was my favorite outfit I've done in a while - the idea literally came to me in a dream.  I've seen others wear Maxi skirts as dresses, but I haven't been brave enough to do it yet since strapless dresses aren't for me.  So when I pulled a daring V-neck out of my closet, knowing I would need to wear something underneath it, I realized the Maxi could become a dress and be the piece I needed for the shirt! 

The Maxi is from LLR's elegant line, but this pairing made it perfect for work!  I also sneakily wore a pair of Halloween leggings underneath for some extra warmth. 

WADT Picture #2