Kennedy Park

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 06/07/2017 - 21:08

June 7th, 2017

Over lunch today we took the kids to Kennedy Park.  The last time we were there some construction was going on, and today it was all done.  It is a really awesome play area!  Beyond the usual playground (which they also have) it has a tree house, a water feature, a tunnel, and some climbing walls.  

And this awesome thing:

Wear A Dress Tuesday #21

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 06/06/2017 - 22:29

June 6th, 2017 

Well, today was a monumental day - my last day at Friendship Haven.  It's sink or swim time with LuLaRoe.  There are no excuses now, and we've really got to make a go of it or we could end up broke and homeless!  Haha, just kidding.  Oh wait, not really.  Eek!

WADT Picture #21


How Do They Know...

Submitted by Bethany on Mon, 06/05/2017 - 22:27

June 5th, 2017

For the last few days I've been fighting the start of a cold.  I keep telling Joel it's not fair, I shouldn't get a cold when it's summer.  It makes no sense!  Then tonight as I was scrolling through Facebook, this ad came up:

FB ad


It's like they've been listening...

XOXO, Bethany

Graduation Day!

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 06/04/2017 - 22:08

June 4th, 2017

Today was a wonderful day, because today...Elly graduated from High School!  We were able to make it up to attend the graduation, which I'm thankful for since I will no longer be able to attend her graduation party in a couple weeks.  After the ceremony I caught this adorable picture of Elly and Oliver together. 

Elly & Oliver at Graduation



Submitted by Bethany on Sat, 06/03/2017 - 18:23

June 3rd, 2017

Working two jobs since last September has left me running pretty ragged.  This summer I want to be more intentional about taking time to relax.  So today, I went to the pool!  Joel stayed home to play video games.   

It was nice to spend some time in the sun, floating around the lazy river, and reading a few more chapters of this book. 

Girl Boss


Tiny Dictator

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 06/02/2017 - 18:18

June 2nd, 2017

Today was a fun day.  We worked all morning, then took the afternoon off to go see Wonder Woman with Heather and Ben.  The movie was amazing, I really loved it.  Afterwards we hung out the house.  

Ben was acting so adorable!  He kept pulling himself up and then banging on the coffee table.  It was like watching a tiny dictator give a speech.  Which really, babies pretty much are.  At the movie Heather had to walk around in the back for a full hour to keep Ben from crying. 

River Walk

Submitted by Bethany on Thu, 06/01/2017 - 20:17

June 1st, 2017

Today was a busier day than expected as a funeral came up early in the morning.  Most of the day was spent at Friendship Haven, but the new person started today so that's great!  I'm excited to fully pass the torch next week. 

After dinner tonight we went on a long walk down by the river. 

River walk



Submitted by Bethany on Thu, 06/01/2017 - 20:16

May 31st, 2017

I moved back into the master bedroom today.  It was glorious.  I loved falling asleep to the candles lit on the wall.  

Candle wall


I also get the big closet this time.  Yay!

XOXO, Bethany