Fortune Cookie

Submitted by Bethany on Fri, 02/17/2017 - 21:23

February 17th, 2017 

I love when fortune cookies seem to speak to my current circumstance: 

Fortune cookie


Discontent has definitely been the name of the game for me recently...let's hope it starts to lead to some progress!

XOXO,  Bethany

New Nicole

Submitted by Bethany on Thu, 02/16/2017 - 22:25

February 16th, 2017 

Today was a long day, that ended with a disappointing evening at a multi-consultant sale.  We didn't sell anything (not surprising since only 3 customers showed the whole night), but we were able to make a lot of trades which helped make the time worth it.  We came home to a new box of inventory which is always my favorite thing!  Today there was a beautiful Nicole in my size...and I just had to have it!  

New Game

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 02/15/2017 - 22:11

February 15th, 2017

We went to Ames today on a trip to drop off some LuLaRoe, some tax documents, and, most importantly, pick up some Spinach Artichoke dip from Sam's Club.  I know it sounds crazy to drive an hour for dip...but this stuff is amazing.  It's cheaper than buying the ingredients to make it myself, and better than any I've ever made or had at a restaurant! 

Since we were in town, we decided to swing by Joel's old game store.  When I saw this on the shelves I had to have it: 

Wear A Dress Tuesday #7

Submitted by Bethany on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 20:37

February 14th, 2017

Today two of my favorite holidays merged - it was Valentine's Day AND Wear a Dress Tuesday!  #WADT can totally count as a holiday, right?  Even though I made it up and it happens every week?  You can get back to me on that.   I went with my classic red Amelia and Valentine's leggings today.  The beautiful orchid I'm hugging is something we picked up at Aldi last night for 10 bucks!  Cheaper than a bouquet and will last a million times longer?  Yes please!

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Submitted by Bethany on Sun, 02/12/2017 - 21:14

February 12th, 2017

After work today I immediately changed out of my nice clothes and into some off season leggings.  I've been trying to wear my leggings evenly so I don't wear out my favorite pairs too quickly.  Thus Halloween leggings in February! 

Unicorn skeleton leggings


XOXO, Bethany

Super Duper Cleaning Day

Submitted by Bethany on Sat, 02/11/2017 - 20:13

February 11th, 2017

I feel so accomplished today which makes me super happy.  My goal was to get 90% of my house cleaned today - dusted, vacuumed, picked up, etc.  I say only 90% because I did not have the energy to touch the bathrooms.  A girl can only do so much in one day.  I'm proud to say I accomplished my goal, and finished a few small organizing task along the way!

Sweet Card

Submitted by Bethany on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 15:04

February 9th, 2017 

One of my favorite aspects of working at Friendship Haven is working with the on-campus adult day care center.  The participants in this program are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet.  Today I opened the door to my office to find an envelope addressed to me on the ground.  When I opened it, I found this card:

Front of Valentine's Day card


LuLa Laundry

Submitted by Bethany on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 14:50

February 8th, 2017 

My life has changed in a lot of ways since becoming a LuLaRoe consultant.  It's never more obvious to me than when it's time to do laundry.  With LLR clothing the rule of thumb is "wash cold, hang dry".  On some of the clothes it actually states "wash cold, hang dry (or you'll be sad)".  Cracks me up everytime I see it.